Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sheltering animals

Note: This letter ran in Tuesday’s Opinions section with the wrong author.

Sunday, June 28, it is 4 p.m. and my car thermometer reads 109 degrees. In a rural area I cannot believe what I am seeing: several cows lying flat in the heat, not an inch of shade, looking lifeless and slowly “baking” on the hot dirt in a small corral. What is wrong with that picture? It should be common sense, if not a law, to provide your animals with a decent shelter from the heat and cold, right? And if you can’t, don’t have any. Period. Would I dare think that this animal abuse and neglect could be changed through legislation? In Idaho, probably not a chance. That same is true for those who put their dog in the back of the truck during the sweltering summer heat. No, your dog doesn’t like it. In fact, your dog is very stressed! Why is this mistreatment of livestock animals and pets allowed?

Renate B. Huebner, Boise