Letters to the Editor

Letter: Mississippi flag

I would like to thank Mayor Bieter for removing the Mississippi state flag from Boise’s City Hall. There are some who claim the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and the defense of states’ rights. But the only “right” being defended by the Confederates was the right to keep people in bondage as slaves. There was not another defining issue for the Civil War.

A heritage of honor, associated with the stars and bars, does not exist. It has stood alongside murder, lynching, beatings and the most sordid of human behavior. Its history is sullied and bloodstained. There is no way to rehabilitate it to be a symbol of anything but what it is: the emblem of human bondage and Jim Crow hatred.

I hope we can, at some time, fly the Mississippi state flag at City Hall again. But it is time for Mississippi to join the spirit of the United States of America with a flag that honors the concept of “Liberty and Justice for All.” It is past time for Mississippi to leave the Civil War, Jim Crow, segregation and all of those representations behind.

Dale Merrell, Boise