Letters to the Editor

Letter: Civil rights

The Supreme Court has spoken. Fine, everyone deserves equal civil rights. Now it is time to deal with the fallout.

The Supreme Court has weakened states’ rights another notch. A state can no longer control who gets married within its boundaries. Why does a state even bother to issue marriage licenses? All levels of government are bloated with unneeded regulations, permits, licenses and procedures. It is time to modernize and streamline civil marriage. The state should convert its civil marriage procedures to be nothing more than a one-form contract filled out and filed at the county clerk’s office. Complete the form with notarized signatures and leave the office civilly married. Nothing would stop secular newlyweds from exchanging faux vows and extorting gifts from guests elsewhere.

There is a definite distinction between governmental morality and individual morality; churches should be encouraged to offer their own religious unions separate and apart from civil marriage as in a substantial part of the rest of the world. Devout persons should be exempted from involvement in civil marriage celebrations.

Since there are more precedents worldwide for polygamous marriages, it should also be enacted. Fundamentalist Mormon, Muslim and hippies could then come out of the shadows.

Herb Wiens, Sandpoint