Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

The Statesman’s editorial opinion “St. Luke’s expansion deserves approval” is disturbingly biased. The dual roles of Publisher Michael Jung — a St. Luke’s Strategic Initiatives Committee member and a member of the Statesman Editorial Board — should preclude him from participating in the opinion. The editorial urges approval but highlights traffic problems needing resolution. Surely the authors are aware that St. Luke’s plan (in their mind the only plan) believes it best solves traffic issues so can they be resolved?

St. Luke’s CEO David Pate seems to have his own agenda and isn’t concerned about customer inputs. Perhaps in his corporate world no one (including his board) disagrees with him and thus there is no accountability. St. Luke’s keeps pitching an inflexible no-alternative plan, hoping enough people drink the Kool-Aid, and their only alternative is threatening to invest in Meridian instead. Meridian being the center of the Treasure Valley population, having better (freeway) access and plenty of land would make more sense.

Hindsight will show this huge public investment (St. Luke’s pays no taxes) as the Treasure Valley’s biggest blunder. As Harris Ranch builds, Rocky Canyon develops, and all Treasure Valley drives to this super-efficient, specialty hospital, the 27 lanes of Broadway/Main/Warm Springs/Fort Street intersection will surpass Eagle Road/Fairview as Idaho’s biggest gridlock.

Bill Hallyburton, Boise