Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

Closing 300 feet of Jefferson is no different than a 30-foot or one mile closure. There is still no getting around it. That “able-bodied folks” should be satisfied with “innovative measures” such as pedestrian or bike lanes within the proposed expansion is specious.

St. Luke’s has provided no feasible solution to the gridlock that will occur at Jefferson and Avenue B, Reserve and Fort, and Fort and State streets. Traffic will inevitably crawl through the East End across Warm Springs, if possible, to Walnut or through the East End to Fort Boise and possibly through the Veteran’s Administration.

Since when has the Statesman previously expressed a concern about “dramatically reducing the time to treat seriously ill patients?” Second, most of the proposed expansion, and the inevitable congestion and parking requirements, are for outpatient services. Could not these be more efficiently provided by locating in other St. Luke’s facilities within the city? Third, Boise is growing to the West. Wouldn’t more potential patients be treated faster at St. Luke’s Meridian than transporting them through congested city traffic?

The Statesman’s endorsement is only about keeping “one of the largest construction projects in the state” in Boise, regardless of inevitable problems it creates.

Dave Hayes, Boise