Letters to the Editor

Letter: Teacher evaluations

The June 14 Idaho Statesman printed an article that appeared a few days earlier in Idaho Education News. Since the Statesman via IEN began the conversation about teacher evaluations, let’s continue the talk by looking at a few details that were not mentioned.

Idaho teachers complete a course of study in content and pedagogy. This includes successfully completing a student teaching experience and taking the Praxis. This system of professional preparation is similar to the steps in any profession. The steps are to ensure that newly minted professionals are proficient. It should not be surprising that the majority of Idaho’s teachers are proficient. We expect our physicians, nurses, electricians and all other practitioners to be proficient.

Evaluations of charter school teachers were not addressed. Readers were told that 32 of 115 school districts had 100 percent proficient teachers. Readers were not told that 11 of 41 charter schools also had 100 percent of their teachers rated proficient. One charter school, Vision, had 100 percent of teachers rated distinguished.

Responsible reporting of data looks at all information, not just selected information.

Mary Ollie, Meridian