Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

Does the St. Luke’s master plan change reflect the sustainability and livability of the city of Boise?

How does the council view their city plan contrasted to St. Luke’s expansion into neighborhoods? Is it detrimental to the Warm Springs historical district?

Is the livability of the East End in question with increased air pollution, traffic congestion, noise pollution and isolation from the core? The city has made no effort to address this question with planning proposals or studies?

Economic sustainability with increased homeowner taxes is in contrast to St. Luke’s, which doesn’t pay taxes on a huge campus incorporating several blocks. Are the changes detrimental to our property values?

ACHD will bear enormous costs to handle the increased traffic of more than 12,000 cars per day. Is it economically sustainable to use property taxes while St. Luke’s contributes minimal amounts?

Shouldn’t medical center planning be a regional/county issue including the fastest growing cities and not left to hospitals?

If St. Luke’s wishes to be a good community member, shouldn’t they consider the livability and sustainability of their neighbors instead of throwing us bones such as a cycle track and interior garden?

Bonnie Krupp, Boise