Letters to the Editor

Letter: Helping Idaho City

In the late ’40s and ’50s, people used to help other people when a crisis happened. I am suggesting that some of the large contractors take their equipment to Idaho City and help clean up the mess that the fire left. Some that come to mind are Knife River, McAlvain, Western Construction and many more. Maybe some of the architects and engineers could get together and design the buildings so they will be up to code. Concrete companies could do the concrete work — Concrete Placing, Lowes, MarCon Treasure Valley and many more. Other trades could help out with the details inside. This work could be done on weekends.

Yes, I am stating free work for these 500 residents. Could the contractors in this valley get the ball rolling? This country needs to take a step back and start helping others instead of wanting more and more for themselves.

I am glad that I grew up in the late ’40s and ’50s, when people mattered and people helped people in time of need.

Ron Morris, Meridian