Letters to the Editor

Letter: Jenner and Dolezal

Bruce/Caitlin Jenner is happily accepted by the media as a transgendered woman, notwithstanding his/her XY male Chromosomes. Now Rachel Dolezal, chapter head of the Spokane NAACP, Eastern Washington University African studies professor and a “persecuted” African-American activist, has been outed by her birth parents as a white woman of German, Swedish and Czech descent. This woman has made an entire career by pretending to be a member of a victimized racial group, an African-American activist and an “authentic African-American artist.”

Who are we to judge? If Jenner can become a woman by declaring the female gender as his/her preferred identity, Dolezal can certainly claim to be African-American. I not only support her new trans-racial identity, I will follow her wonderful example. I am no longer an evil white person, infused with the guilt of “white privilege.” I hereby declare that I am an African, Native-American, Pacific Islander, hyphenated- American of Hispanic descent. I now expect to be treated as a full member of the officially protected victim class. Anyone who will not recognize and validate my new trans-racial identity is racist, hate-mongering and insensitive. I await the lucrative job offers from BSU and the City of Boise.

Peter Humm, Mountain Home