Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bibles in school

Regarding the Republican Party’s resolution for Bibles in public schools. So why stop at the Bible? Why not the Koran? The Torah? Hindu religious books? They all contain world history, math, etc. This is clearly an attempt to sneak the majority-preferred religion into the classroom. It starts a slippery slope. Teaching religion is really a parent’s job, and if there are parents that say they don’t have time to do that, then why did they have kids in the first place if they don’t have time to raise them? Do they want the government to play nanny to their kids? Our legislators say they don’t want a nanny state — unless, of course, it’s their version of a nanny state. This country has been down this path before, resulting in harassment and persecution of minority religions and denominations. History has shown that church and state do not mix. Those who are not wise and don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them.

Mike Taylor, Nampa