Letters to the Editor

Letter: Excessive police force

There is a lot of national discussion these days about excessive police force. As a justice studies major, I would like to make some points on the matter. First, police do not have the constitutional power to punish people for crimes. After a suspect is on the ground, they do not have the right to beat them. If they do, they should be charged with assault and terminated. Losing one’s temper is not acceptable in a professional. Second, a death sentence is not appropriate for any of the offenses that I have seen recently. Resisting arrest is not a crime calling for a death sentence. There are too many examples of needless police brutality to mention here. I know police have a difficult job. Unfortunately, the danger is one thing that draws macho types into the profession. If they can’t do their job in a professional and constitutional manner, they should find another profession.

Peggy Simpson, Cascade