Letters to the Editor

Letter: Public lands

Regarding Jarbidge’s Shovel Brigade (June 13), public lands belong to all Americans. They do not belong only to the people of the Jarbidge area, or only Nevada, or the West. They belong to every U.S. citizen, no matter where they live.

The Shovel Brigade demonstrates its ignorance not only of this basic fact, but also of the very idea of democracy. Here’s how it works. Citizens elect representatives who oversee public agencies. These agencies are staffed with professionals who develop land use plans to meet goals, all of which is subject to extensive public involvement. Decisions are made, and these decisions can even then be challenged in various legal ways.

Not everything turns out the way a given person would like. For me, I’d rather see no cows, no roads and no off-road vehicles anywhere. That isn’t the case. But I don’t throw a fit, like a spoiled child, and break things. I don’t commit crimes, like the Shovel Brigade and Cliven Bundy, and then suggest that this is somehow the American way.

Finally, the Statesman shows its own bias by using the headline “Federal Control” on this story. I suggest that “Our Lands” is more accurate and honest.

Terry Rich, Boise