Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gas prices

Three weeks ago I drove to the upper Midwest for a vacation. When I left Boise the gas price was $3.05/gallon. When I filled up in St. Anthony, it was $2.83/gallon, then again in Glendive, Mont., it was $2.69, then in Fargo, N.D., it was $2.43. When I returned to the Boise area June 14, prices were still over $3.00/gallon. The excuse we hear from the oil companies as to why gas prices are usually above the national average in Boise is that we are not on a major pipeline route. If that’s the case, then how come gas prices were well below the national average here, at $1.89/gallon a few months ago and briefly at other times? I haven’t heard the latest reason for that scenario. To add salt to the wound, the geniuses in our state government recently raised gas taxes and registration fees. Of course, the extra cost only hurts the poor and lower middle class, not the well-to-do bureaucrats making the laws, who are too busy giving tax breaks to the wealthy and denying rights for humans (Add the Words) and animals (Ag-Gag bill).

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian