Letters to the Editor

Letter: Common Core

In response to Victoria M. Young’s letter to the editor June 13 about Common Core.

Ms. Young states that the underlying deception is that Core Standards were designed “to improve schools” and there is “nothing objectionable” about Common Core. Neither statement is true. Standards don’t ensure skills. Standards don’t ensure success. What Common Core is designed to do is align American schools with systems around the world, through international benchmarking, to develop a global workforce. The public education system is to be Big Corp.’s headhunting grounds through testing and sorting. I find that objectionable and don’t want to pay taxes to develop their workforce.

In my opinion you cannot have quality anything without standards, including education. The higher the bar is set, the higher the knowledge or skill set will be achieved. Standards are only part of the equation. As for developing a workforce, that is exactly what our education system is supposed to do. The mom-and-pop establishment requires the same work ethic, knowledge and skills that Big Corp. does. Laborer, lawyer, doctor, mechanic, teacher, whatever path your life takes, standards of a quality workforce are absolutely essential. The dumbing down of America has gone on far too long.

Mark W. Floyd Sr., Boise