Letters to the Editor

Letter: Islamic State and oil

It seems like every day I read an article about Islamic State (you know that group that is causing all the problems in the Mideast and cuts the heads off Christians). We have been told that IS is making millions of dollars a day selling black market oil. My question is: Why does not the U.S. government put a stop to these sales? So far as I know crude oil is shipped only by truck or pipelines to a terminal. With the capability the U.S. has to spy on the world why don’t we just bomb the pipeline and the trucks moving the oil? And of course the big question — Who is buying this oil? As a consumer and religious member I would certainly stop buying gas from a company that I know is buying black market oil. Maybe that is why the government is not telling us who is buying this oil. Come on folks, let’s get our heads out of the TV and cellphone and start asking the politicians some hard questions for a change.

Jim Rogers, Meridian