Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gay marriage

There have been letters in this paper by people arguing that Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon discriminated against a lesbian couple by refusing to bake their wedding cake. That point of view fails to recognize the distinction between discrimination against people and discrimination against jobs.

The job in this case isn’t simply “public accommodation” like selling a hamburger. This particular job entails material participation in a religious ceremony through creative, artistic work that expresses personal and religious messages from the heart of hope and goodwill toward the bride, groom, friends and family.

If Melissa and her husband had refused all sales to the couple, then that would be discrimination. But turning down a specific job is not.

It’s amazing to me that today’s liberals, who adamantly preach about separation of church and state, are now wanting government to compel people to participate in certain religious ceremonies.

Dave Scott, Boise