Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

I viewed online the last city council meeting where St. Luke’s reiterated that they would not compromise with their expansion plan because “seconds count” when treating emergency patients. That’s fine — if your medical emergency happens at the front door of the hospital. But no one seems to have addressed the issue of response time of emergency vehicles under the proposed plan. Everyone agrees that traffic counts will significantly increase around the hospital and access to the East End will be severely restricted with the closing of Jefferson Street. Obviously, the time for emergency vehicles to carry a patient round-trip to the hospital will undoubtedly increase. So if “seconds count” why is the proposed plan the only one under consideration? East End residents are taxpayers too, so why are we going to have our services (ambulance, police and fire) restricted just because St. Luke’s management has done a poor job of future planning? I will not vote to re-elect any city official that votes to approve this selfish and ill-conceived expansion plan.

Jim Murphy, East End resident, Boise