Letters to the Editor

Letter: Middle East

I’ve seen multiple news stories about the USA and their strategy (or lack thereof) to defeat ISIS. This is a difficult topic but I think I see a few things clearer now.

I am tired of the USA expected to be the world’s policeman. I now believe that democracy is something the citizens of the Middle East simply can’t handle. In the end, their primary loyalty is to the tribe or the specific theology. When Shia and Sunni look at each other, they default to hatred and violence: “They worship differently than me; I must kill them.”

I believe it’s time to admit this uncomfortable truth and partition Iraq into Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions. The British arbitrarily created Iraq long ago and it simply doesn’t work anymore. I don’t believe this fight is ours to own and manage any longer. Let the countries of the Middle East sort this out for themselves instead of draining the U.S. Treasury and putting more American troops at risk in this ancient tribal blood feud. I hope ISIS is thoroughly defeated. I look forward to Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Iran and the Gulf States to clean up their own problem.

John Lodal, Boise