Letters to the Editor

Letter: Savino’s Clinton comments

It is regrettable that Dano Savino passed up an opportunity in his June 8 editorial comments to provide readers with thoughtful, intelligent reasons why he believes Hillary Clinton should not be their choice for president in 2016.

By repeating the usual anti-Hillary allegations you can hear nightly on Fox News, Mr. Savino’s message will have little appeal to anyone beyond the Republican base. This group wouldn’t vote for Hillary or any Democrat if Charles Manson were their Republican candidate. Since Mr. Savino obviously doesn’t want Hillary elected president, he should abandon his “destroy the enemy” politics and start making sensible, rational arguments to independent voters who will decide the next election.

I assume Mr. Savino often quotes passages from the scripture to add some measure of credibility to his irrational opinion that Hillary-supporting Democrats are “weak, godless, uninformed, socialist Democratic voters.” Any person of faith who depends on him for their interpretation of the scripture would probably seek Bernie Madoff as their financial adviser.

Alston Jones, Garden City