Letters to the Editor

Letter: Boardman to Hemingway

The comments are in and the public has spoken — or has it? Nearly 400 letters sent to the BLM in response to the Boardman to Hemingway Draft Environmental Impact Statement all nicely sorted by category of responder — federal, tribal, state, county, local, nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and, finally, individuals.

Idaho Power’s response spends 391 pages “improving” the DEIS, that so many of us have found inadequate. I just don’t believe that Idaho Power ratepayers have been given the full story. An estimated $1.2 billion project when it comes through the forests of Oregon may not be a concern of those in Boise. It may when it hits your electric bill.

The need is questioned, the route is outright opposed by most, the cost has ballooned, and now Idaho Power’s president is saying Valmy can’t shut without the B2H power line, while stating that there is a power surplus until 2025. What gives?

Very few from the public in Idaho responded to the BLM environmental report. I encourage you to read the letters from your neighbors in Oregon; they are an eye opener. Go to: boardmantohemingway.com

Gail Carbiener, Bend, Ore.