Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

An East End resident recently wrote suggesting that with the Meridian area’s population growth, St. Luke’s should do all of its expansions of services in Meridian and no more in downtown Boise.

The part about doing more in Meridian makes good sense. However, the whole reason there is so much growing traffic congestion near the downtown Boise St. Luke’s that sacrificing Jefferson street is undesirable, is that there is growing population close to that location, too. I commute between the Boise Highlands and Mountain Home, and I am often part of the Broadway/Avenue B/Fort Street traffic glut. I experimented with circumventing Broadway by cruising along sparsely populated southeast Warm Springs Avenue. That former wilderness is now suburban infill. Those are a lot of prospective patients who would probably prefer to get medical services, if they are available, at Jefferson Street rather than to travel to Eagle Road or to Curtis Road for them.

One might presume that the writer, who knows medicine, and lives in the East End has compared the self interest in finding better medical services nearby with the traffic issue. That may be moot, as he is a formerly well positioned VA official.

Martin J. Grumet, Boise