Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lack of coverage

Disappointment was the first reaction when I went to a local store and picked up the Sunday, June 7, paper. I was hoping for a bold headline describing what one horse achieved: the end of the 37-year drought of the Triple Crown. Instead there was a non-eventful lead story of the upcoming fire season. I will agree not everyone is interested in the Triple Crown, but anyone following current events has to admit that American Pharoah wrote history. Only 11 other horses obtained that goal since 1875. That record alone deserves more than a small synopsis, a commentary and a buried race result.

The Idaho Statesman has become more and more anorexic since the new layout. The front page does not deserve to be called that anymore. It looks more like a magazine cover with teaser lines for inside articles. The newspaper has been trimmed, thinned, whacked and chopped from what it used to be. I bought my last newspaper from the local store because I wanted a touchable and tactile recollection for future years. Sadly, I was disappointed in what the Statesman offered and produced. I was not surprised by the gaunt result. I was disappointed.

Diane Wolford, Star