Letters to the Editor

Letter: Nuclear fuel

The debate over whether the Idaho National Laboratory should be allowed to receive shipments of spent nuclear fuel is one I have followed closely. For 13 years (1994 to 2007) I managed the INL Ethics Office. INL President John Grossenbacher has stated that there will only be two shipments totaling 200 pounds. Former Idaho Govs. Phil Batt and Cecil Andrus have doubts and are concerned that Idaho may become the dumping ground for commercial spent nuclear fuel. Both oppose the shipments and have even threatened a lawsuit. So who should the public trust on such an important issue?

A year ago I published a book, “Whistleblower: Justice over Discrimination and Ethics Violations.” It details and documents discrimination and unethical behavior at the INL. The book has received significant news coverage and has been read by several high-ranking government officials. Incredulously, when the INL was contacted by the Idaho State Journal for comment, the INL replied “We have not bought the book and don’t intend to.” I know firsthand that more than one top manager has read the book.

So, who should the public trust? I say trust the former governors that have served our state with honor and integrity.

Dennis Patterson, Idaho Falls