Letters to the Editor

Letter: Democrats

Is cheating the only way Democrats can win elections? Here comes Hillary, backed by George Soros. No photo ID to vote, making it easy for all the illegals Obama is trying to stack the deck with for his party. All of these “poor disenfranchised minorities,” eh? How do they cash their welfare checks?

How do they buy beer, cigarettes, drive a car, board a plane, pick up their neighbor’s child from school on an access list? How do they get into a building for one of Hillary’s own speech events?

In 2000, Al Gore sought to get overseas military ballots thrown out, knowing most service folks vote Republican. Then there was ACORN, and voter intimidation at the polls by Black Panthers with batons. Yes indeed, vote early and often.

Taxpayers must answer to the IRS but Lois Lerner pleads the Fifth twice and walks away. Eric Holder’s gun-running to cartels would have sent anyone else to Leavenworth, anti-gun queen Dianne Feinstein has a concealed carry license and a pistol to go with it, but you can’t be trusted.

If martial law doesn’t erase the 2016 election altogether, just remember your ABCs: Anybody But Clinton.

Mike Bradbury, Mountain Home