Letters to the Editor

Letter: Women’s rights

In 1920, the women of America won their right to vote but not without opposition. So to speak, they had stepped into what was a man’s world at that time and in doing so they stepped on their male counterpart’s toes. They were not welcome, but they were determined to be all they could be. For the most part, they achieved what they set out to do, but always with some opposition. Even though they have come a long way, seeking America’s highest office may be out of reach. This office has been a “men only club” from the beginning and some would like to keep it that way. There are also those who think a woman is too weak and emotional for this job and who believe a woman’s place is at home — home being in the kitchen or bedroom. Women do have the ability to be “tough as rawhide” and “soft as cotton candy.” Now that they’re knocking on the door of America’s highest office, some of the opposition will be political and some of it will be about gender. I’m inclined to think a woman’s touch could bring some dignity back to this once proud office.

Roy Lunsford, Kuna