Letters to the Editor

Letter: Idaho State Police

It is my understanding that Idaho State Police is planning to create an internal regulation requiring all official records of ISP/citizen contacts involving a serious incident be destroyed.

I hope this isn’t true.

Legally, this is called “destruction of evidence,” which is a very serious crime. What gives the ISP the authority to break this law and presumably not be criminally punished for it? If I or any other citizen were to destroy evidence we would certainly (and properly) be punished by our legal system. What gives the ISP the idea that they are above the law that governs the rest of us?

This idea of a law enforcement agency destroying evidence is absolutely repugnant to the whole value system of democracy. To even suggest it is a tragedy, and shows that whoever suggested it is afraid of something — like being caught for illegal wrongdoing. Why else would such a policy even be suggested?

I’m a “law and order” guy, and I sincerely believe the police should obey the same “law and order” that the rest of us do. To suggest otherwise undercuts the very foundation of democracy.

Jack Stevens, Boise