Letters to the Editor

Letter: Loren Yadon’s column

I would like to make an addition to Loren Yadon’s religion column in the May 31 paper regarding “Remembering my father and our Father.” Loren’s father, Rev. Paul Yadon, was truly a humble servant of God, a true “Man of God.” He pastored a church here in Parma for more years than I am aware.

On one occasion, during a funeral service in which Paul Yadon was presiding, he spoke some words that caught my attention, and after the service I asked if he would write them down for me. These are those words:

“I walked a mile with Pleasure; she chattered all the way, but I was none the wiser when Pleasure walked with me.

“I walked a mile with Sorrow, and not a word said she; but I was much the wiser when Sorrow walked with me.”

Words of wisdom from a wise man ...

Lila Faulks, Parma