Letters to the Editor

Letter: Otter vs. Fulcher

For those complaining about Gov. Otter, consider that it could have been much worse.

On Nov. 23, 2013, then Sen. Russ Fulcher, reportedly inspired by the tea party, announced that he was going to unseat Gov. Otter in the May 2014 Republican primary. In a Statesman article, Fulcher was described as heading “a slate of tea party-backed candidates aiming to finish the job of overturning the GOP establishment.”

According to the Statesman, among those cheering Fulcher were “former Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman” and “anti-abortion activist Brandi Swindell.”

Ullman was a commissioner when, in a highly unorthodox move, Dynamis Energy was given $2 million of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to design a power plant that was never built.

Swindell had a history of stirring things up with her religious and anti-choice activities.

Given Fulcher’s ties to Ullman and Swindell, had Fulcher become governor a nightmare scenario would be a state in which taxpayer money was routinely tossed over the fence to private companies while women were denied their reproductive rights and religious monuments were crammed down our throats.

So, folks, be thankful Otter is governor. The alternative is too frightening to contemplate.

Gary Bennett, Emmett