Letters to the Editor

Letter: GreenBike project

I am impressed that Boise has implemented and has the GreenBike Project up and running for a month. I have used a similar bike system when I visited family in Minneapolis a few years ago. We were able to see more of the city in less time because of the bikes. Not only is it a great tool for locals, but it offers visitors to Boise a great way to get out and see what we have to offer. The media did a fine job covering the initial implementation, but I would like to see the media continue to cover this project. There are so many benefits of utilizing city bikes; reducing household emissions and reducing traffic congestion. Not to mention there are so many health benefits to riding. And, wouldn’t Boise love the added business to their local shops? These cyclists are more likely to shop close to home if they were out and had easy access to quick shopping.

I would like to see more hubs put in around the city so the fee to return the bikes could be avoided. As media coverage increases/continues, I believe there will be more interest in participating in the GreenBike Project.

Jodi Bammert, Meridian