Letters to the Editor

Letter: Eagle eminent domain

Eagle taxpayers face the burden of yet another eminent domain action because three individuals — Reynolds, McFarland and Butler, of the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency, (EURA) — apparently refuse to believe that a competitive offer scenario exists with the old gas station in downtown Eagle.

Long before the EURA (aka Eagle’s mayor and council) tendered their offer to purchase the property, the listing agent advised that other offers had been received. The EURA disregarded this information and submitted an offer based on an appraisal they’d ordered.

The stations owners responded with a fair market value counter offer based on offers already in hand. The EURA’s only response was to file an eminent domain action in order to acquire the property for a tax exempt, non-income producing parking lot.

Eagle’s last failed eminent domain attempt cost taxpayers over $250,000. This one will cost many times more. The EURA has the ability to stop this madness and show that they respect the rights of property ownership in the process. Withdraw the eminent domain action and simply tender a fair market value offer. It will save so much in terms of time, angst and taxpayer dollars.

Jane Kramer, Eagle