Letters to the Editor

Letter: Electric cars

Stan Phipps (Statesman, May 31) added his voice to the choir of complainers about the price of gasoline in Boise. Maybe he should get an electric car and avoid buying gasoline forever for his urban driving.

As I write this letter, regular gasoline in my neighborhood is $3.05 per gallon which will take the average American vehicle about 25 miles. When I put $3.05 worth of electricity into my electric car battery, I can go about 150 miles, six times better.

And if a driver really wants to stick it to the oil companies and their local distributors, he can use photovoltaic (solar) panels and power his electric car with sunlight.

Electric cars can be cheap to acquire. Low-mileage, used, all-electric Nissan Leafs can be bought for under $15,000. Leases for new Leafs can be as low as $99 per month.

Reed Burkholder, Boise