Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fatherless homes

Recent riots in Baltimore revealed rioters were mostly young men from fatherless homes. America continues to try to raise yet another generation of young men without fathers. Too many of them see men as extras in their lives. During the Baltimore riots, TV highlighted and championed a mother who came into the streets to get her son out of the rioting, destruction and mayhem. Where was dad?

Baltimore felt the root causes of their burning community were racists cops, derelict magistrates and oppressive city officials. No one wanted to mention absentee fathers and single-parent homes.

Among the poor working class, a young male’s chances of climbing out of the low end of the labor market and becoming a responsible husband and father is looking worse and worse. By fifth grade young males from fatherless homes are more disruptive than peers from two-parent families, and by eighth grade are substantially more at risk of suspension and being arrested.

The scary thing is America doesn’t seem to know how to remedy the situation. Birth control and increased funding haven’t helped. Schools with the most funding aren’t remedying the problem. Clearly, solving the problem will require more than additional funding and a good literacy program.

Morris Bastian, Boise