Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fossil fuels

Recently, six major oil and gas companies asked the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to put a carbon pricing system in place. These companies, including BP and Shell, recognize that our energy economy must shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy because of the reality of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions. Their letter states “we firmly believe that carbon pricing will discourage high carbon options and reduce uncertainty that will help stimulate investments in the right low carbon technologies ...”

If energy companies can acknowledge the need to move away from fossil fuels, it’s time for citizens to move the debate forward to what is the best way to accomplish this transition. Even those who are unsure of the severity of the climate change threat can envision a future without regular news of oil spills, air pollution indexes and exploding oil trains.

Regional Economic Models Incorporated has done an in-depth study showing that if fees on the carbon content of fuel are returned to households in the form of a dividend, the economy grows. This is a free market alternative to EPA mandates and energy subsidies. It’s time to end the false debate and move forward together.

Nancy Basinger, Boise