Letters to the Editor

Letter: Don’t litter

The road cleanup group from my church, Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church, Cascade, cleaned our two-mile stretch just south of Cascade Saturday, May 30, and we faithfully complete this task twice a year with most of us 65 years and older. What do we find when we pick up trash? It’s always an “interesting” variety of things, sometimes real treasures like cash or a leather vest. What do we find the most of to pick up? Cigarette butts, and those filters are not biodegradable. However, and more importantly, Idahoans, why would you throw cigarette butts out the window of your car when there’s always such danger of fires? Sure, you think you put them out, but who knows for sure? I say keep your butts to yourself, don’t litter the highway with things that are hard to pickup ... or how about don’t litter at all ... and don’t drink and drive since we also pick up plenty of empty beer cans. There’s going to be a trash receptacle at your next stop; use it.

Ruth Richter, Garden Valley