Letters to the Editor

Letter: Common Core

In “‘Straight Talk’ Christie leaves Common Core at altar,” the Washington Post view is more than a view; it’s a sell job. Propaganda.

It ends with well-placed, carefully worded phrases. “There is nothing objectionable in improving school standards.” True. But the underlying deception is that Core Standards were designed “to improve schools” and there is “nothing objectionable” about Common Core. Neither statement is true. That’s how propaganda works.

The statement continues, “there is nothing objectionable ... in wanting students, no matter where they live, to have the skills needed to succeed ...” Standards don’t ensure skills. Standards don’t ensure success. And where you live does matter; standards don’t change that.

In America, unequal access to quality education is the problem that standards-based reform never fixes. It doesn’t matter how high the bar is set; standards are not what provides quality education.

What Common Core is designed to do is to align American schools with systems around the world, through international benchmarking, to develop a global workforce at the lowest cost. The public education system is to be Big Corp’s headhunting grounds through testing and sorting. I find that objectionable and don’t want to pay taxes to develop their workforce to monopolize our world.

Victoria M. Young, Caldwell