Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elder care

This letter is in response to the individual whose elder relative wanted to leave money to grandchildren but was upset because that money was being used to pay for living expenses in an extended care facility. The letter-writer’s family could welcome their relative into their home and provide the round the clock care or pay for people to come into the home and provide services. Some families do this but it often requires one person to dramatically change a work schedule and/or the hiring of professionals to provide needed care. This type of commitment often comes at a significant fiscal and family cost.

Congress chose not to include long-term health insurance in the Affordable Care Act, so individuals who have the means to pay for their elder care do and those who have no money are helped by Medicaid. She is welcome to contact her congressional delegation and ask for them to consider including provisions to help meet the looming and significant health care needs of the 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day. The boomers want to successfully age in place and not end up poverty-stricken living in a nursing home but the community resources are severely limited.

Caile E. Spear, Boise