Letters to the Editor

Letter: Internet

The Internet is great.

ISIS can conveniently recruit disaffected Westerners to attack Western civilization.

It gives kids something to do — texting — while driving.

Russians can rob our bank accounts without ever leaving home.

People can electronically file fraudulent tax returns and get our tax refunds.

Foreign hackers can remotely disrupt our electrical power grid, and can steal military and trade secrets.

We can make Persian centrifuges over-speed and break.

We can buy stuff online without paying sales tax (i.e., without paying for public schools, thank you, Governor-For-A-Day Risch).

It’s easy to send out embarrassing pictures of ex-girlfriends.

We can “talk” to people without ever having to see their ugly mugs.

Our homeboys can sit in darkened rooms eating Cheetos, role-playing killing games with their homeboys in Albania.

We don’t have to know anything except the questions because the Wizard of Google can provide all answers.

We don’t even have to look out a window to know the weather, our smartphone can tell us what it is.

Repeat after me: The ... Internet ... is ... great.

James M. Runsvold, Caldwell