Letters to the Editor

Letter: FitOne Family Walk

This letter is in regards to the FitOne Family Walk in September. I have walked in nearly every walk since 2002, at which time it was the Women’s Health Walk, which placed a great emphasis on women and their health. In the past couple of years that has fallen by the wayside because someone felt the need to change it to a “family” program. There are not a lot of walks with a focus on women’s health. Last year while walking we were almost knocked down by women running with strollers because they needed to be with their “group.” I love children but that is a long distance for little ones to walk because their mothers made the decision that they should participate. I am a grandmother and great-grandmother and love children, but please, a time and place. The medals that were awarded for the “over 70” participants are nice and I treasure all of mine. I have spoken with a lot of ladies who feel exactly the same way, however, it is easier to just not participate than to voice an opinion.

It was a “great” program. Please bring it back.

Donna Calkins, Meridian