Letters to the Editor

Letter: College tuition

Last month the Idaho Statesman editorial posted an argument about whether there should be regulation on tuition hikes in the state of Idaho. As a high school senior, I applied to several schools out of state because I wanted to live away from home and experience a new culture, but I still applied to one local college as a backup. Fortunately, I was accepted to every school I applied to and received some substantial scholarships at every school as well. I had received a 30K scholarship at my dream school and I was ecstatic. Yet it still wasn’t enough to cover the massive tuition, and my parents are having too many financial struggles to take out a loan. Long story short, because of the affordable tuition and a generous scholarship, I am going to go to North Idaho College. I was lucky to find such a school, but tuition still needs to be significantly lower for in-state students at other universities and everywhere in the nation. I have a friend who is deep in debt out of Boise State University and can’t find a job for his degree.

Shadrach Tuck, Star