Letters to the Editor

Letter: Korean War veterans

I am a Korean War veteran here in Boise and recently attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery. I was very impressed with the wonderful display of affection shown to our veterans. As the ceremony progressed I was suddenly aware that there was no mention of the Korean War veterans, and this was very disturbing to me. Although we have many Korean War veterans in the state of Idaho, no one wishes to form a chapter of the KWVA/KDV Association of America. It is my desire to fill that void and start a chapter here. I need help in doing this so I am calling on the citizens of Idaho to help form a Veterans Service Organization under the banner of Korean War Veterans Association and the Korean Defense Veterans of America. We will have a table at the Veterans Appreciation Day at the VA Hospital on June 27; all citizens and veterans may sign up and join us in this effort. I can assure you that a chapter in Idaho is needed, so please join me in this effort. Thank you.

Forrest W. Zimmerman, Boise