Letters to the Editor

Letter: Chinook salmon

I would like to congratulate the Idaho Fish and Game Commission for recently opening up additional chinook salmon fishing on the Upper Salmon River for 2015. This expanded access, which begins Saturday, will provide much-needed opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy salmon fishing in our beautiful state.

This was a particularly important decision as parts of the Salmon River have been closed to the public for many years. A number of organizations such as the Lemhi County Economic Development Association and the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce deserve a great deal of credit as they have been working to resolve this issue for nearly a decade.

In these improving, but still difficult, economic times it is welcome news the Idaho Fish and Game Commission is increasing revenues, promoting commerce and providing opportunities for more people to enjoy the natural wonders of Idaho.

I look forward to seeing how the economic benefit of this decision will help a number of communities along the Upper Salmon River. Since the impact will grow exponentially over time, I hope similar access can be granted to the public in 2016, and for years to come.

Douglas A. Sayer, Blackfoot