Letters to the Editor

Letter: Postal Service

The Postal Service’s current problems are the result of politics, not operations. For the fiscal year so far (Oct. 2014-Feb. 2015), the USPS has a $1.4 billion operational profit. Still, the USPS must delay mail and close plants.

In 2006, Congress and President Bush approved a $5.5 billion annual mandate on the Postal Service to fund future retirees’ health benefits until 2016 for retirees 75 years into the future.

Until this ominous debt can be fully paid, which will probably take decades to pay back, less and less service will be forced upon the customers, such as five (or less) days of delivery, more centralized deliveries (cluster boxes) and more closures of mail processing plants around the country.

The Pocatello mail processing plant does not cancel mail anymore. In time, it will no longer sort any kind of mail. Mail will be sent to Salt Lake to be processed. Mail in the Treasure Valley will soon be sent out of state for canceling and sorting. Idaho will be without any mail processing plants. Even more mail will be delayed.

President Obama and Congress need to correct this problem, and soon.

John Paige, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers, Pocatello