Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gas prices

A lot has been written concerning the price of gas in the Treasure Valley. From May 20-28 I drove to Texas and back. I got to see these issues during my trip. When I left Meridian gas price was $3.09. At Mountain Home gas was $2.95 and even lower in Burley at $2.79. However, in Utah the price was also $3.09. When I crossed the border into Wyoming gas was $2.33. From that point I was smiling all the way to Texas, and even during the return trip, as I didn’t see prices higher than $2.45. My big shock was coming back on the 28th and seeing gas prices had jumped 55 cents in seven days to $2.88 at the Wyoming/Utah line. Did the governor of Utah call the governor of Wyoming and tell him they needed to increase their price of gas on the western part of the state to avoid Utah citizens from crossing the border to buy cheaper gas? Coming back I noticed Utah at $2.99 and we were at $3.01. Makes me wonder about the relationship between Utah and this area of Idaho concerning matching gas prices.

Elby Jones, Meridian