Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republicans

Sometimes I watch Sunday morning talk shows. I don’t know why. It’s the same windbags blowing the same wind.

The Republican presidential candidates spend all their time trying to discredit Hillary. They worry about her being front-runner and they should, because she is.

At a recent Republican gathering, candidates practiced their comedy routines. Having a back-up career is good, just in case.

Lindsey Graham said they were all there, except for Hillary. She wasn’t invited. Of course not. Winners don’t get invited to losers’ conventions.

Ted Cruz said that if Hillary’s elected president, she’ll need two planes, one for her and one for her baggage. Ted would need a third for his ego.

All Republican presidential candidates claim they are the most experienced at fixing what’s wrong. Well, somebody’s lying. Those currently in Congress have done nothing for seven years. Why believe them now?

Republicans may have to hold two conventions to accommodate all of their candidates.

At least Democrats would work with a Republican president, unlike the current stonewalling. It’s just too bad that all the Republican candidates so far are a bunch of speedbumps.

Run, Forrest, run.

Ken White, Twin Falls