Letters to the Editor

Letter: Religion

I’m tired of hearing the religious arguments of those who quote scripture to defend their bigotry and “prove” the “virtue” of their belief. It is man who created God in his own image, not the other way around. Onto this image was projected the character of his own judgment. This truth is manipulated in an attempt to control through the fear of God’s punishment, and the fear of those who kill in the name of God. The Old Testament is a great example of how a psychopath God was created to glorify the murderous behavior of the so-called prophets. Now that the fundamentalists have lost some of their ability to impose their will on others through the power of the state, they whine that their religious freedoms are being trampled upon. I find the irony and hypocrisy almost amusing. There were so-called religious justifications for slavery and segregation as well. Furthermore, the tax-exempt status currently enjoyed by religious organizations is an obvious case of “government respecting an establishment of religion,” which is clearly unconstitutional, as stated in the first line of the Bill of Rights. Luckily for humanity, religion is in decline worldwide.

Travis Crisp, Boise