Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sheriff recommendation

The Statesman should not second-guess our vote for Randy Folwell.

On May 26, the Ada County Republican Central Committee held an election to recommend candidates for sheriff to the county commissioners. Randy Folwell and Steve Bartlett were presented to us. We reviewed the records of these two good candidates, listened to their statements, and asked each of them questions. A majority of us voted for Randy Folwell as our first choice and Steve Bartlett as our second choice.

The Statesman wrote that they “don’t know” what was the “deal breaker” that caused us to vote in the order we did. With all due respect, it doesn’t matter why — it was our prerogative as precinct committeemen. Our election should not be undermined by second-guessing.

I voted for Mr. Folwell because of his vast experience with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, his diverse set of leadership posts, and his range of awards and certifications. I also supported him because I believed he would stand most firmly against state and federal intrusions into our county. We are best served if we begin with a sheriff who takes a strong position because it will give our fine commissioners the leverage they need. Thank you.

Steve Ackerman, Precinct 2211, Kuna

Note: Captain Steve Bartlett was chosen to succeed Sheriff Gary Raney by the Ada County Board of Commissioners on Monday.