Letters to the Editor

Letter: Christianity

The May 23 letter to the editor by Lauren Studley representing reason suggested Christianity is not about reason, and her thinking is very wrong. Rather, Christianity is all about the highest reasoning.

In Isaiah 1:18 God calls us to reason about our sinful state and need for cleansing and salvation. This was prophesied 700 years in advance and fulfilled in Jesus Christ the Savior. This salvation is available to all who will look beyond what they can see, touch or hear which is so earthy.

The higher reason of Christianity sees beyond self and the now. It shows us there is a coming judgment for sin and those who reject Jesus. We also see a glorious eternity and future.

The Apostle Paul was very much into reason, but was doing it all wrong. He had no clue how blind he was until God opened his eyes. True reason cannot ignore this truth.

Come join in higher reason; it is heavenly up here, with a bright future.

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise