Letters to the Editor

Drivers vs ducks

Recently I saw a couple of Idaho drivers taking back the roads for drivers everywhere. We are told to share the road with bicyclists, even though our taxes and registrations pay for the roads. Pedestrians cross streets willy-nilly without a care in the world, and children walk the streets in the dark to school. On May 22 at 9 a.m., between the Plantation Country Club and Jacksons, two drivers drew the line. A mother duck (yes, duck with a d) started across State Street with 12 babies. Not gawky teens, but the yellow and brown fluffs. The two cars were out in front of traffic, and went through the ducks. Six babies were flattened. The mother dodged left, and the second car changed lanes, getting three more babies, and split the mother in two. Nine small pieces of duck in the road, and one large mess. Unfortunately they missed three that stood in the grass yelling, but they are probably dead by now. We put up with a lot as drivers — pedestrians, speed limits, red lights, cops. But the line has been drawn at ducks.

Robert Morris, Boise