Letters to the Editor

Letter: Recycling

I am responding about two different letters that have been about “recycling” recently. I totally agree with them. The special report that the Idaho Statesman had about how the city of Boise did the “random” trash check and discovered that there were still many items that are going to the landfill that could be recycled. Well, where are people supposed to store all the recycled trash that won’t fit into the blue bins that only get emptied every two weeks? This is, in my opinion, a major flaw in the system. The blue bins could easily be emptied every week along with the regular trash to alleviate the problem. This should be a no-brainer to the city of Boise, and then they could do a revised study to see if that does stop the recycled trash from being in the regular trash bins. Will the city of Boise really listen to what the citizens want and make the adjustments so that everybody can make an effort to reduce “recyclable” waste going to the landfill? More than likely they will want to add to the costs overall. Let’s give it a try.

Barbara Cravens, Boise