Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton leased two floors of a Brooklyn office building from a major campaign donor, believed to be her future presidential campaign headquarters. Clinton political headquarters are traditionally two stories. One story you tell The New York Times, and one story you tell the House investigators.

I must admit, though, the Clintons have only been accused of things — most of it was not true. Just ask them.

From the rape accusations of Juanita Broaddrick to Monica Lewinsky.

Now that slick Willie is gone, we have slick Hillary.

Obviously there is no difference between the two. Partners in crime. Using donations to the charity to reap personal financial gains as they attempt to gain access to the biggest job in the world she is not worthy or skilled enough to do. A library of Encyclopedia Britannica would be needed to display all the Clinton crookedness.

In an effort to flummox the weak, the anti-church, godless, uninformed, socialist Democratic voters, the Clintons march on. “Soon, tho, this too will pass” — like the scripture says.

Dano Savino, Nampa